JB Knowledge Park- Student Abuse [Fee Refund Case 2022]

Hello, I am Sujit. I live in Rajasthan. Last year, when I completed my 12th, I appeared in the CUET 2022 exam. Unfortunately, I was not selected for CUET. Then, I started searching for a private college as I am interested in pursuing a BBA course. I searched on Google for “BBA colleges in Delhi” and received numerous results. I reviewed all the private colleges that offered admissions. Eventually, I entered my details in the top 10 colleges, and one of them was JB Knowledge Park in Manjhawali, Faridabad. That’s when everything started. Let me explain in detail.


Who I am

I am Sujit, currently residing in Rajasthan. For security reasons, I won’t disclose my full address. I am currently engaged in my own business and pursuing my studies through DU SOL. My father works as a tailor in a company located in Jaipur, earning a monthly income of 14,000 rupees. We are a family of three siblings: myself, my sister Priya, who is in the 11th class, and my other sister Shiwani, who is in the 9th class. All of us are studying in private schools.

My father took debt just to educate us (Yes, this is normal). I feel incredibly proud of my father for managing everything on an income of just 14,000 rupees. We currently have a debt of 1.5 lakhs. That’s why when I left that college, I felt ashamed of asking my father to send me to another private college. That’s why I decided to start my own online business because I realized that my father didn’t have enough money to support our education. In November 2022, I started a blog, which has become my sole source of income today.

NOTE: I only took admission to JB Knowledge Park because they assured me that I would receive a refund if I decided to cancel my admission.

JB Knowledge Park

As I mentioned earlier, while searching for BBA colleges in Delhi, I unintentionally got trapped by JB Knowledge Park College. They started calling me almost every day and sending me pictures of their campus and classes. I was somewhat attracted to the facilities they showed, but I initially declined. However, after a few days, a girl named “Khushboo” from the second year of BCA called me, as a counselor for their college. She managed to convince me to take admission to that college. She said,

Sujit, man lo agr apke CUET me achhe number nhi aaye to aap kya karoge, abhi aap is college me 2000 rupees fee pay kar ke apni seat hold kara lo, agr apka CUET me ho jata hai selection to aapko apke 2000 Rupees wapas mil jaenge.” (She was simply fulfilling her duty innocently. I cannot blame her.)

I thought to myself, “She has a valid point.” If I don’t get selected for CUET, I can secure admission to this college. And that’s exactly what I did. I reserved my seat by paying a fee of 2000 rupees.

JB Knowledge park

I don’t remember the exact date, but they celebrated for the first-year students on September 24, 2022, perhaps. They called me five days before the college was supposed to start, asking us to visit the college and complete the admission process. On September 22, 2022, my father and I went to the college, but the weather was unfavorable. Delhi was experiencing heavy rain and road blockages, causing us to arrive at the college very late.

When we finally reached the college, they started explaining their fee structure. However, the previous night, “Khushboo” had told me that I only needed 8000 rupees to join the college. But the counselor informed me that it would be 11,500 rupees, and unfortunately, we only had 10,000 rupees at that time, we had already spent 600 rupees on travel expenses, and we needed an additional 600 rupees to return home.

When we requested the counselor to let us see the college, they refused, providing us with the following explanation “college yaha se bas 10 minute ki duri par hai” and I assumed in my mind “kewal 10 minute ki duri par hi to hai, utna to mai paidal hi chala jaunga college, jayada se jayada 30 minutes lagega” We gave them 8000 rupees and returned home because we were unable to stay there.

JB Knowledge park
JB Knowledge Park: Fee Receipt

I understand that some of you may be thinking that the receipt stated “non-refundable.” However, I want to clarify that they said “ye to ese hi likha hai koi dikkat nhi hai, apki fee wapas ho jaegi

On September 24, 2022, we once again traveled to Delhi and took the metro from Durgabai Deshmukh South Ext. to Sector 28 Faridabad. Upon arrival, our first task was to book a PG for our stay. Unfortunately, I ended up in a dirty and unpleasant PG room, which cost 5000 rupees for three people sharing the space. Faridabad didn’t meet my expectations, as I had never seen such an unclean place before.

On the same day, the college started, and I arrived at the college at 12 PM. However, here comes the twist. They had assured me that the distance between my PG and the college was only 10 minutes. However, it took me 56 minutes and covered approximately 33 kilometers to reach the college. I was extremely disappointed with this distance, as I had come to Delhi with dreams of living in the capital city and starting my own offline business. Nevertheless, I thought to myself, “Okay, fine.”

Borrow Money

At the time of admission, my father had only 5000 rupees. However, we borrowed 10,000 rupees from my “Fufa ji,” another 10,000 rupees from Mama ji, and my father withdrew 10,000 rupees from his provident fund. We had already spent 10,000 rupees on the admission fee. Now, they asked me to pay the remaining 11,500 rupees, which I paid. In total, they took 10,000 rupees for admission and an additional 11,500 rupees.

JB Knowledge park
JB Knowledge Park: Fee Receipt

We also paid 4000 rupees for the PG rent and informed them that we would pay the rest of the money later. Overall, we lost 25,500 rupees in total. Additionally, the travel expenses for going to Delhi three times and coming back amounted to approximately 2500 rupees. Then, they started asking us for an additional 6000 rupees for transportation services, which broke our hearts because we didn’t have any money left to pay for transportation.

I could clearly see the tension and stress on my father’s face. He didn’t say anything to me. Then, in agreement with my father, I decided to cancel my admission to that college, and my father agreed. Afterward, I reached out to the college to request a refund.

JB Knowledge park
JB Knowledge Park: Refund Application

Admission Cancellation Main Reason

  1. PG to College Distance
  2. PG food time
  3. Financial Problem
  4. Transportation Problem
  5. College is far from the City area
  6. They Abuse me

Abuse, When I asked for a Refund

As I mentioned earlier, due to the mentioned problems, I did not want to continue my studies at that college. When I went to the college and requested a refund, they started making excuses and transferred me from one teacher to another, saying “un sir ke pas jao, un ma’am ke pas jao

Everyone I encountered at the college was polite. However, there was one teacher named “LOVE SIR” who said “idhar aao” Then this was the conversation between me and Love Sir:

Me: Sir, mujhe apna admission cancel karwana hai.

He: Wo to nhi ho paega.

Me: Why, Khushboo ma’am ne to kaha tha ho jaega.

He: Fee receipt par dekho, non-refundable likha hai.

Me: Sir, wo to thik hai lekin maine apse usi time pucha tha, tab apne kaha tha ki ho jaega.

He: Nhi hoga kaha n

Me: Sir, Please, Mujhe is jagah pr bahut sari dikkate face karna pad rha hai, or UGC ne bhi kaha hai ki fee refund ho skti hai. Or mai to abhi 10 minute pahle hi fee jama karwaya tha. Please sir karwa dijiye.

He: Kon UGC, ye college UGC se nhi juda.

Me: Sir, esa nhi hai. Sab college UGC se jude hote hai, isliye to ise licence mila hai college ka.

He: Esa Kuch nhi hai, nhi hoga refund.

Me: Kyo nhi hoga, UGC ne kaha hai to hoga hi, mai complaint krunga UGC ko.

He: Abe ja n! Jo karna hai kar le, koi kuch nhi bigad sakta.

Me: Ok, Sir mai puri kosis krunga.

Home Return

Then, I called Khushboo Ma’am and explained the situation to her. Her response was, “Why did you talk to the teacher like that?” I replied, “I only asked for my refund, but he was being disrespectful.” It was disappointing to see such behavior from a teacher. Khushboo ma’am called my parents and told them, “Your son is causing trouble and not speaking politely to the teachers.” My father called me and inquired about the situation. I explained everything to them, but they were also against me and scolded me. I hung up the call and sat on the ground of the college, feeling alone and crying. I didn’t have anyone by my side.

Feeling overwhelmed, I called my friend and explained the situation to them. It provided me with some relief to share my burden. I made the decision to go back home. On the bus journey, I called Khushboo Ma’am again, seeking her help. She introduced me to the idea of open learning, which seemed like a viable option. However, the fee for open learning was still the same as before.

Way to my Home

I called my parents and requested them to consider open learning as an alternative to my studies. After a heated argument, they finally agreed. I then went to the PG where I was staying and requested a refund, but they also denied giving me the refund. That day, I felt a mix of frustration, disappointment, and helplessness. “Delhi, lootero ka sahar hai

Jb knowledge park 5
Delhi to Rajasthan

I was depressed for the next two months, and my mental health caused a lot of anxiety. Every day, I felt as if I had been cheated. I called the UGC numbers provided by the government, but they didn’t answer my calls. I tried at least 20 different numbers, but they were either busy, switched off, or nobody picked up. It made me question why the government even provided those numbers. I was in a state of depression until I started my own business. Now, I am completely fine.


But why did I write this article about JB Knowledge Park today? I wrote it to raise awareness among students about the importance of gathering complete information before paying any fees. I was immature at that time, but life taught me this lesson. Now, I feel free because I have shared this article with all of you.

JB Knowledge Park; what is the worst thing you can do to me? You can do whatever you want. Either refund my money, or this article will always be available on the web to inform new students about how they ruin a student’s life. I did not attend any classes at JB Knowledge Park because I felt that if they lacked basic decency and empathy towards students, especially those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, then I questioned what they could truly teach me.

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