How to start Solar Panel Business in India – Solar Energy Busines Plan

There are many Solar power businesses in India; some manufacture solar panels, and some distribute or sell them. Nowadays uses of solar energy is common in Cities and Villages. Do you want to start a solar energy business? In this article, you will know about How to start a Solar panel business in India, future of Solar energy, and how much money you can create from this business.

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Solar energy comes from Sun rays and heat, Solar panels stores this energy in form of electricity. Solar power is a very useful source of electricity, Indian Solar roof installation is increased rapidly in past 5 years. According to some studies in 2018, solar power in India is generating 3,399 Megawatts of electricity. The government wants to increase this number by 40 GHz in 2022. India is the third largest renewable resources placeholder in the world. Solar panels need Sunlight to generate electricity.

Solar energy is also an eco-friendly resource that reduces the harm to nature, also it reduces the cost of electricity in long term. Government also wants that people invest in Solar energy that’s why they give subsidies.

Registration and License

To start a solar energy business you need to register your business with government firm, and should take a license to run the business legally. You should take a GST number while registering your business. You have to take an Adhar number on your company name. You can register your business with;

  • Private Limited Company
  • One person Company
  • Limited Loyalty Partnership
  • Partnership firm

Take an ISO certificate for your business because it is mandatory to have an ISO certificate. An ISO certificate increases the value of the Company.

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Raw Material

To make a Solar panel you have to take some raw materials to make it. These are the important raw materials you need;

  • Solar Cell
  • Solar Glass
  • EVA Sheet
  • Back Sheet
  • Copper Ribbon
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Junction Box
  • Silicon Sealant, etc

You have to make some contacts to get the raw material from suppliers. Try to take raw materials from different suppliers to know the actual price of that material. Also, check the quality of the raw materials.

Formation of Solar Panel

  • Testing Cells of the Solar Panel, whether they work or not.
  • Soldier the Solar cells with Copper wire.
  • They integrate Positive and Negative terminals
  • Then EVA Sheet is applied to them
  • Then they soldier all the sockets through Soldering iron.
  • Then they add Company LOGO, Manufacturing date, Barcode, and other details.
  • Then they check whether the panels work or not.
  • Teflon sheets are used to laminate the Solar panels.
  • After all, was done, they used to place the solar panel on Aluminium Frame.
  • After that, they installed the junction board on the Panel.
  • Then they test the solar panel, and after passing the test they package the panels and give them to distributors.

As an estimate, Company provides 25 years of warranty

Machines and Tools

  • Cell Testing Machine
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Solar Cell Stringer Machine
  • Soldering machine
  • EL Testing Machine
  • Solar Panel Lamination Machine
  • Framing Machine
  • Sun Simulator Testing machine

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