How to start a Business online with no money | 5 Best Online Business

If you want to start your own business with no money, no experience, no skills, no knowledge, and no age restriction Online, then keep reading this article. We will share 5 best online business ideas which you can implement and start earning from home. If you are a college/School student then you have to give at least 2-4 hours of time in this business to see fast results.

How to start a Business online with no money
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List of 5 Best Online Businesses

  • Facebook ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blog
  • Content Creator
  • Freelancer

1. Facebook ads

If you don’t have any past knowledge of advertising, don’t worry about it. You have to learn first How Facebook ads work, then you have to enter in this business. There are so many people who need the best Facebook ads expert to make their business expandable, and if you are able to solve this problem you could earn lakhs of money per month.

Starting a Facebook ads agency is not as difficult as you think, you can start it through Freelancing, and when your network is expanding, you should make your own brand value. This is a very high demandable online business. Generally, small businessmen or some established brands use this method to grow their businesses.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The best thing about this business is you can do this business absolutely for free, you just need to make a network of people. You can make a network through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channel.

You can affiliate with big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Insurance Companies, and Stock Brokers. When you will established your network, then it would be easy to affiliate products with people. The best thing about this business is, you don’t need any skills or money to start it. You can start it now.

3. Blog

If you are a School/College student then this is the best business you can start. You just need a Domain and Hosting which you can buy from any Domain and Hosting seller. The most trusted Domain/Hosting seller is Hostinger, Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, etc. Once you buy Domain/Hosting, now you have to customize your website professionally and start posting articles on your website.

Once You complete the eligibility criteria of Google Adsense (Google ad publisher company) you can submit your website to Google Adsense and wait for their response. Once they accept your website you can earn money by writing articles on your website. But if Google Adsense rejected your website, in this case, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria by Google Adsense and resubmit your website.

4. Content Creator

Content Creator job is rising nowadays rapidly. This is because there are so many content creators worldwide who need a Video editor and Script Writer. You can start a small start-up of content creators, in which you can hire some Video editors, Photo editors, Script Writers, and cameramen. Once you hire them, now advertise your service on social media. And make your network.

But If you don’t have money to hire people, You can do this work by yourself. You need to learn Video editing or Scriptwriting so you can offer Creators to take your service.

5. Freelancer

This is one of the most valuable and affordable businesses Because you can start it with no money, no skills, no knowledge, and no age limit. You can do anything you know. If you know any language you could be a Transcriber, If You can write, you could be Script Writer, if you know MS Excell you can do data entry work here.

Freelancing offers you everything which you can do to help people, and You can earn through it. The best way to earn money online is freelancing because you have so many options and you are independent of others. You can work on your own strength.


In this article How to start a business online with no money, we had discuss the 5 Best Online Business Ideas which you can do, even if you are not making any money right now, even if you don’t have any skills or knowledge. If you find our article knowledgeable then you can follow us on Instagram or Twitter. But if you don’t find it informative then comment to us. We will definitely check your suggestion and try to make our article way better.

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